Sunday, 1 May 2011

Building my own Delphi Physics Engine part VI

I've been quite busy lately and in this article I've focused on the collision container. As you'll see in the following images and video, the spheres will be bouncing around, colliding with one another and with the surfaces inside the container that holds the entire motion of the system. With a simple tweak, the physics engine is able to display the unseen forces when objects are being "kicked". The key feature is that I want to show the resultant vectors that are involved in the collisions and the movement so the observant would have an idea of what's happening inside the model and which forces are being generated.

In the image below, you'll see the resultant force when the sphere has collided with the surface beneath. This leads me to the description of the Elastic collision equations

The following image shows all the vectors involved in the collision:

And the video showing the dynamics:

You can download from here the last version of the application: ThundaxBallsDemo v1.172 that is digitally signed (once the file is downloaded, right click, properties and go to the certificate and install it) to increase security. To add more spheres press 'a' and 's'. To cut one of the bridges press 'z' and play!.

I also have created the new logo for the Engine, let me know if you like it!.

In few months the library would be ready here:

Thanks for reading! and do not hesitate to leave any comment!.


  1. The things persons like you can create, are the main reason why I decided that I will be a programmer.
    Thank you for showing your work to us all :)