Friday, 4 February 2011

Building my own Delphi Physics Engine part IV

I'm still working on my solution, but I can advance you a preview of the smoothness of the application. I have improved the bridge particle and its interaction with external events. I'm working on a TStyle class that will enhance the GDIRender allowing the different particles to have a custom style on the screen and refactor all the classes to improve the scalability and interoperability of the Engine. If you are interested on testing the application, you can get the latest version of it from here: Thundax Ball Demo v1.1. In this version you will notice the improved interaction with the mouse and the circle particles. I have to work out a solution for the other particles, but I'm still designing the whole product and I need to test some of the features that I want to release in the next version. Once the version is ready, I will upload it on Sourceforge just in case you feel the urge to play with it!.
Here you can see the new performance:


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