Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Building my own Delphi Physics Engine part III

Now I'm working on the interactive part (Controller). Since now I only have developed the model and the view section of the MVC pattern and I'm implementing and testing the controller part. The main problem is that the Engine is quite simple to implement and use until the visual control appears. Now I have to take into account all the events that come from the outside (mouse, keyboard) and add subscribers to the object particles. With the design that I've implemented it is easy to make extensible the model and the view section because the Engine follows the "low cohesion high coupling" principle. My sister challenged me by trying to do something similar to the ruicode project, where its ofxRuiPhysics2d project (Simple 2d physics addon for OF (OpenFrameworks) using the Verlet integrator where it includes particles, collisions and springs) is quite astonishing. Here you can see one of its videos:

And here is my project: Thundax balls demo.exe, a Delphi win32 application that will start a demo with balls, springs and collisions. In the following videos you'll see different performances of my tests. In the first video I'm trying to simulate the environment with all the forces playing at the same time, and in the second video you can see myself using the mouse interacting with the balls and the springs.

I hope you enjoy the videos!.

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