Testing new Windows 10 components of Delphi 10 Seattle

It's been a while since I got my Delphi 10 Seattle and I really love its new Windows 10 components and styles. I have already played with it and I can say that these new components are really slick and will make your apps really stand out. I've tried the TSplitView and the ActivityIndicator which are great for a full Windows 10 integration. 

Here you can see some screenshots of one of the applications I have created with it and the source code is available on Github:

Initial Screen:

Notice the home button that will control the split view.

Showing the controls:

Controls are hidden/displayed when the home button is pressed. Each of those actions will call each page on the TPageControl component. I'm still looking for a solution where I don't have to show the tabs on the TPagecontrol but I'll get to it later on. I think that as of now, I have a pretty interesting solution that runs fine in my Surface under Windows 10 and it totally looks awesome.

Animation Controls:

I've just added one of the animation controls with a simple processing. There is nothing fancy here, just updating the process regularly would do. If I wanted to make anything better I should put it in a thread for better refresh.

I also tried the TToggleSwitch but it was flickering in runtime so I will report the problem to Embarcadero later on. The new style works really well but I found that the ShBrowseForFolder is not rendering it correctly:

The source code of this little utility can be found here:

Executables can be downloaded here:

This small application will allow you to:
  • Perform a search on a particular folder and file extension.
  • Replace the content of each file for some other content. (really handy when you need to replace a variable in source code files for example).
  • Delete the files.
  • Also to search empty folders and delete them (really handy when your svn complains about checking in empty folders).

Let me know if you have any questions.



  1. I'm sorry, but applet on this page is trying to start JVM in IE11:
    _applet_ code="core.RE" width="280" codebase="http://ra.revolvermaps.com/j" height="280" archive="r.jar">
    What is it purpose?

    1. Use a proper browser like Chrome. It's a worldmap with the visitors. You can find it on the right side of the site.

  2. A browser that won't invoke a JVM is a good browser. I don't want a JVM running in my browser. Nobody sane would want that.


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