Saturday, 19 March 2016

Testing new Windows 10 components of Delphi 10 Seattle

It's been a while since I got my Delphi 10 Seattle and I really love its new Windows 10 components and styles. I have already played with it and I can say that these new components are really slick and will make your apps really stand out. I've tried the TSplitView and the ActivityIndicator which are great for a full Windows 10 integration. 

Here you can see some screenshots of one of the applications I have created with it and the source code is available on Github:

Initial Screen:

Notice the home button that will control the split view.

Showing the controls:

Controls are hidden/displayed when the home button is pressed. Each of those actions will call each page on the TPageControl component. I'm still looking for a solution where I don't have to show the tabs on the TPagecontrol but I'll get to it later on. I think that as of now, I have a pretty interesting solution that runs fine in my Surface under Windows 10 and it totally looks awesome.

Animation Controls:

I've just added one of the animation controls with a simple processing. There is nothing fancy here, just updating the process regularly would do. If I wanted to make anything better I should put it in a thread for better refresh.

I also tried the TToggleSwitch but it was flickering in runtime so I will report the problem to Embarcadero later on. The new style works really well but I found that the ShBrowseForFolder is not rendering it correctly:

The source code of this little utility can be found here:

Executables can be downloaded here:

This small application will allow you to:
  • Perform a search on a particular folder and file extension.
  • Replace the content of each file for some other content. (really handy when you need to replace a variable in source code files for example).
  • Delete the files.
  • Also to search empty folders and delete them (really handy when your svn complains about checking in empty folders).

Let me know if you have any questions.