Sunday, 10 January 2010

Force-Directed graph layout approximation part IV

I'm still working on the component, and I've implemented zoom in and zoom out methods for the better visualization of the graph. The issue here is that when we develop a system like this (visual application with mouse edition), all the action it should do is allegedly involved. Like the drag and drop, the zooming system, printing, etc. And you should always take into account all these problems. We have got into a bad habit by what the other programs do, and when we develop a new application, we usually take a little from everywhere. Nevertheless, it's better to let things clear from the beginning and report the final characteristics of your program.

With this new methods, now we can enlarge the graph and zoom out the view until we see all the drawing inside the picture. I haven't finished it yet, but I can show you the latest results:

This is the result of the graph with a 400% zoom factor. I've changed all the methods from the graph to the client and the client to the graph. Like I did in Thundax Box manager 2.3 with the ScrollBars, I've implemented the methods ClientToGraph and GraphToClient that let me work from one side to the other. I'm still struggling with the resizing of the canvas on runtime, If I find out how to do it I will tell you.

Here you can see a little video showing the result of the work of these days:

I also changed the developing branch of Thundax Box Manager. From now onwards the new name of the application will be "Thundax P-Zaggy - Algorithm to find the path graph":

This is the new splash for the application. Notice that I'm working on the idea, but I think I will release the application this year, with all the things I've posted. With this application, I will merge the trunk of the VLO Framework with the latest tag of the Thundax Box Manager (it includes all the algorithms to find the path graph). The version is not stable, and I will release it in a few days, but you can use the last (Test framework v2.0.0 build 567). For your delight, I've posted a video showing the results.

If you spot anything on the program, don't hesitate to contact me, as I'm keen to answer any question. I hope you enjoy!.

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