Flickr Photo Analytics v4.6

Flickr Photo Analytics v4.6 RC.

Flickr Photo Analytics is a desktop application (32 and 64 bits) for Windows that gives Flickr users the opportunity to keep track of their analytics for simple accounts. FlickrPhotoAnalytics is developed using Delphi XE6 and the flickr API using REST. This is the most advanced library you will find in the market with the implementation of the OAuth protocol using object pascal.

This is the most stable release (v4.6 release candidate) and here are some of the features:
  • Loading/Saving history stats in XML format.
  • OAuth authentication for REST requests.
  • Dashboard with general stats.
  • Processing tools to retrieve the list of photos, add photos to groups or albums.
  • Profile selection according to groups.
  • Batch update via UI or using a console app.
  • Charts with trends.
  • Improved Dashboard and trends.
  • This version also supports a stand alone batch update tool which sends you an email after completion with the latest stats. In version 5 it will be ready to take users on board.
Here is a little guide on how to start using the tool:

1. Go to the following URL and get the latest version of the app:
2. Unzip the content of the file in a desired location in your machine.
3. Get the latest OpenSLL library and leave the files libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll in the same folder as the Flickr Photo Analytics.
4. Launch FlickrPhotoAnalytics.exe and you will be presented with the following screen:

The app needs 4 main components, the Flickr Api Key, the Flickr Secret, the UserId and the workspace. To get the first two properties, you need to go here and ask for them (you'll have to be logged in Flickr to access to it):
Once you go through the process of obtaining the keys, add the keys in the application and they will automatically be stored in the app. Then go to the following url and look for your UserID:
You need to be logged in to see your UserId on the right hand side. Finally set the workspace location (where Flickr Photo Stats will save the files to keep track of your stream history):

If you have all the details correctly, you will end up with something like this:

5. Now the application is ready to function correctly. Next step is to authenticate the application with Flickr:

Click Authenticate button and login into Flickr (if the OpenSSL libraries are correctly placed in the folder, the following window should appear):

Click on "OK I'll Authorize it" and then the following screen will appear:

When the "Example Domain" page is shown, click on the close button and a new popup will appear, showing the token from Flickr for a proper authentication.

Now you can go to the Options tab and click on the "Test REST Login" button, which will give you the userid and the user name:

Now you can complete the settings by adding the "flickr Url Name" and the email address where you want Flickr Stats to send you an email with your stats if you choose to use the batch update app that I will cover later on. Once you have it all, click on Save and jump to step 6.

6. Now you are ready to upload your photos into the application. To do this go to processing tab and then "flickr Photo List" tab and then click "Get List":

The application will only look for the pictures that are marked as public, no private photos will be used here and they will not be accepted. If you mark a photo as private once is in the app, then you'll have to remove it from the grid.

Now that you have your list of photos, you can select the ones that you want to import in the tool or just select them all using right click options.

Now click on the Import button, and they will appear in the main list.

Now you'll see your photos there with some additional options and properties. This will keep the stats for today, no you can click on the "Save" button to save your first pictures in the solution.

Once done you can load the details the next day and run "batch update" again and saving the details so the application can keep recording your stats overtime. It's a bit tedious but you are in control. Then after a while you'll be able to get something like this:

There are still bugs in the solution and they can be raised here:
Latest versions of the application can be downloaded here (Only 64 bits is provided, if  32 bits is required, get in touch with me):
Source code can be found here:
Some additional items in the road map for version 4.7:
  • Additional photo filtering.
  • Saving the repository in a SQL DB (MySQL, SQL Server) or NoSQL.
  • New Metropolis UI (Windows 10).
  • Speed improvements.
  • Memory leaks.
For version 5 I will start my hosted version where I will be able to take users on-board and just email the results back.

If you want this project to continue, you can help using using the donate button.
See older versions here:


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