Flickr Photo Analytics v4.4

Flickr Photo Analytics v4.4 RC.

Flickr Photo Analytics is a desktop application (32 and 64 bits) for Windows that gives Flickr users the opportunity to keep track of their analytics for simple accounts. FlickrPhotoAnalytics is developed using Delphi XE6 and the flickr API using REST. This is the most advanced library you will find in the market with the implementation of the OAuth protocol using object pascal.

This is the most stable release (v4.4 release candidate) and here are some of the features:

  • Loading/Saving history stats in XML format.
  • OAuth authentication for REST requests.
  • Dashboard with general stats.
  • Processing tools to retrieve the list of photos, add photos to groups or albums.
  • Profile selection according to groups.
  • Batch update via UI or using a console app.
  • Charts with trends.
  • This version also supports a stand alone batch update tool which sends you an email after completion with the latest stats. In version 5 it will be ready to take users on board.

Example dashboard:

In the dashboard we can see:

  • Global views, likes, comments, photos and group spread.
  • Total views trend.
  • Total comments trend.
  • Total Likes trend.
  • Most viewed pictures per day.
  • Most liked pictures per day.
  • Total views per day.
  • Total likes.
  • Number of views per album.
  • Number of top views.
  • Number of top likes.
  • Organic views.
  • Organic likes.
  • Organic comments.
  • Group spread.
  • Following.
  • Execution time.

The processing tab is as follows:

Images can be selected and a history of a particular photo will be shown on the right chart. Multiple photos can be selected and they can be associated to a set of groups or albums with just few clicks.

The application needs your FlickrApiKey and Flickr Secret for the correct functioning. These keys need to be added in the Options tab. Once those are there, the application will be able to log you in and authenticate the app against your Flickr account. You can get your keys here:

Authorisation process:

Once you start the application for the first time, it will ask your for an ApiKey, the secret and the user id. With this information, the tool will be able to set up all the necessary values for an authentication process later on.

The application will talk to the browser using the TwebBrowser component which calls the underlying browser (in this case IE). Once you give the authorisation, we can retrieve the tokens using the "get token" button so the application is granted by Flickr.

Latest versions of the application can be downloaded here (Only 64 bits is provided, if  32 bits is required, get in touch with me):
Source code can be found here:

Some additional items in the road map for version 4.5:
  • Additional photo filtering.
  • Saving the repository in a SQL DB (MySQL, SQL Server).
  • Speed improvements.
  • Memory leaks.

For version 5 I will start my hosted version where I will be able to take users on-board and just email the results back.

If you want this project to continue, you can help using using the donate button.


  1. Could not load SSL Library Any ideas?

    1. Hi Sam, you need to get the .dll files from the previous version.