Sunday, 29 July 2012

Taking a bite of my Raspberry Pi!

Lots of thinks are going on, new interesting projects, new ideas but no time to post. I've just got my new Raspberry Pi and I'm planning to build a small robot with it using the GPIO. I'll use all the tools available from the internet and I'll see if I can write something using Pascal/Delphi and share it with the community (I've seen GPIO libraries for C# and Java). I'm really excited about it because it opens a set of possibilities, not only for Developers but also for students who will be hooked on to this beautiful board. In this post and the following ones you'll find my progress with my RPi and all the source code. I'm still building up the idea and I'm waiting for different parts of the robot to arrive. At least I've got the Raspberry Pi model B board, the keyboard, HDMI cable, an SD with Raspbian "weezy" distribution OS and loads of patience. 

Quick steps (Instructions working under Windows OS):

1. Download Raspbian.
2. Download Image writer for windows (to burn the OS into the SD Card).
3. Once installed, plug all necessary things to the board and turn it on!.
4. Configure the different options (SSH Server, Keyboard layout, Date&Time, etc)
5. run startx command and off you go!.

Running my "Hello world" using python:

Now I need to tinker with GPIO and get used to it. I'll use the GPIO.RPi python module to control the Input/Output signals.

Stay tuned for my forthcoming articles!.

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