Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Delphi Compiler version directives

Due to recent release of DelphiXE, here you can find a extended list of delphi compiler version directives that will help you to upgrade your projects. These are very helpful If you plan on writing Delphi code that should work with several version of the Delphi compiler.

{$IFDEF VER80}  - Delphi 1
{$IFDEF VER90}  - Delphi 2
{$IFDEF VER100} - Delphi 3
{$IFDEF VER120} - Delphi 4
{$IFDEF VER130} - Delphi 5
{$IFDEF VER140} - Delphi 6
{$IFDEF VER150} - Delphi 7
{$IFDEF VER160} - Delphi 8
{$IFDEF VER170} - Delphi 2005
{$IFDEF VER180} - Delphi 2006
{$IFDEF VER180} - Delphi 2007
{$IFDEF VER185} - Delphi 2007
{$IFDEF VER200} - Delphi 2009
{$IFDEF VER210} - Delphi 2010
{$IFDEF VER220} - Delphi XE

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