Thursday, 30 September 2010

Reflexion time - Adaptation is the Key

First of all, I would like to thank all the positive comments I've received for my Blog. I'm truly happy because they inspire me to keep publishing interesting topics related with Delphi, Technology and Science. I can see that the page is widely visited throughout the world and the rate of daily visitors is quite good, but the users don't leave any feedback and sometimes this is a little disappointing. Anyway, I'll keep writing and doing my own research in order to improve myself and sharing my knowledge to the world.
Now I'm immersed on a reflexivity's period, thinking about job opportunities, new projects and new interesting articles to publish. This month I've been working on new interesting projects, migrating versions from Delphi 2007 to Delphi 2010, doing a big rewrite of code due to its internal changes with Indy10 and other new features like generics and working with parameters (I'm eager to test the new Delphi XE, but as soon as I finish the other projects). I've been as well working on a new system to improve the usability of working with Microsoft Office 2007 files such as Excel files (.xlsx) and Word files (.docx),  and some other projects as a photographer doing a catalogue for a company!. As you can see this month has been pretty hectic and I never stop running. I have other projects in mind that I need to put into gear, but I need some time to meditate about them, but I'll keep you posted!.
I've been providing services as a technological consultant to some companies in order to improve their IT departments in a wide range of aspects like: security, collaborative work and documentation. And all these experiences have been very rewarded to put into practise all the things learned during the last three years.
With all of this, I just want to motivate you, and remember to do what you love to achieve all what you want. I've been following this simple rule and everything is working fine. I can't complain of anything!.

Here you can see a very interesting video showing the power of adaptation:

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