Saturday, 1 May 2010

What keeps me going

This post is to talk about how satisfied I am about the blog, and I want to thank the readers for their time and for their appreciated comments. The blog has been up for more than 2 years (that's great!), and I'm very pleased with it, for all the new experiences and for all the things I've learned. These last two years, I've been involved in huge and amazing projects and I always try to get round to publishing some articles in the blog (that's not easy). Anyway, in these two years I've achieved many of my objectives like meeting Andy Hunt and Eduard Punset, and learn from them. During that time, I've improved my delphi programming skills and I had time to learn other modern languages like lua, groovy, etc, and the most important, enjoying the spent time publishing everything on my blog. I think that 'you need to use your passions and instincts to guide you in your choices', that's one of my rules!, and  what keeps me going is to improve myself everyday, having new ideas that makes me light up inside, helping people and use my essential personality traits and inner qualities for getting thinks to work. As a pragmatic thinker I consider myself a 'problem solver', and If you ever have a doubt about anything related to my blog, don't hesitate to contact me!.
To sum up, I would be pleased if you could tell me what you think about my blog, recommendations, improvements, anything than can give me feedback for building a thriving blog!.

Thank you for your time.



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