Thursday, 15 April 2010

Improving your digital identity

Nowadays is very important to know something about how to improve your digital identity and simple steps to spread out yourself through the net. I've been so busy these days and I have to get round to writing more often, but sometimes it's impossible. 
It's important that we limit our field of expertise and to carry out a good digital growth in order to create our own digital identity. To promote your digital identity is necessary that you focus on the correct channels. I've been working this field in my own blog, spreading out my identity throughout the net, by the constant presence in Twitter and in professional networks such as LinkedIn or others. We shouldn't lose sight of our own presence on the network and verify that it's making a good use of it. In order to improve your digital identity you should take into account that you have to verify your identity in the net by searching your name into the google engine for example, and see whether your profiles are public or not. If you want to gain exposure, you can add yourself to the most known search directories, for example wefollow or twellow where you can add your twitter account and let the other people find you and follow you easily. You also can add yourself to other sites like StumbleUpon or Netvibes and customize your home page as you desire.
In conclusion, with all these sites you can spread yourself all over the network, and share your posts and thoughts in several channels in order to gain exposure and let the people know you.


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