Thursday, 1 April 2010

Google SketchUp

This post is about Google SketchUp a 3D modelling program with a lot of powerful features for drawing 3D models with no problems. In this article you'll find related articles and interesting videos showing the amazing things you can do with this application. The first release of the program was in 2000 but now after several updates version 7.1 have a lot of interesting features like improving the visualization engine for bigger models and smoothing  drawing. I have experience with 3D modelling applications like Rhinoceros and Autocad 3D and others that I don't even remember the name. By that time, the modelling was something difficult to implement, but after seeing the videos from Google SketchUp, everything seems very easy. I felt some kind of astonishment when I saw what the application is capable of,  and I think that this program would help a lot of people building their designs.

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