Friday, 19 March 2010

Don't miss: Andy Hunt's Pragmatic Thinking

This June 21st will be held the second Pragmatic Thinking event, lead by Andy Hunt at Skills Matter in London. If you are interested on improving your skills and want to know how your brain works I recommend you this course. I attended to the first event last October and it was very thrilling, with a lot of interesting stuff and exercises. In this course you will learn a lot of techniques to help your brain to work better and acquire pragmatic thinking and learning skills. 

Here you can find the extended program and the different topics you'll go through during the event:

  • Take advantage of pole-bridging and integration thinking.
  • Compare different laterally-specialized functions, including synthesis vs. analysis and sequential processing vs. pattern-matching.
  • Discover the one simple habit that separates the geniuses from the "wanna-bees."

Journey from Novice to Expert
  • The Five Dreyfus Model Stages
  • Dreyfus at Work: Herding Racehorses and Racing Sheep
  • Using the Dreyfus Model Effectively
This Is Your Brain
  • Your Dual-CPU Modes
  • Linear and Rich Characteristics
  • DIY Brain Surgery and Neuroplasticity
Get in Your Right Mind
  • Draw on the Right Side
  • Engage an R-mode to L-mode Flow
  • Harvest R-mode
Debug Your Mind
  • Meet Your Cognitive Biases
  • Recognize Your Generational Affinity
  • Codifying Your Personality Tendencies
  • Exposing Hardware Bugs
Learn Deliberately
  • Create a Pragmatic Investment Plan
  • Use Enhanced Learning Techniques
  • Read Deliberately with SQ3R
  • Visualize Insight with Mind Maps
  • Learn by Teaching
Gain Experience
  • Play in Order to Learn
  • Embed Failing in Practice
  • Learn About the Inner Game
  • Sensory Overrides
Manage Focus
  • Increase Focus and Attention
  • Manage Your Knowledge
  • Control Context
Beyond Expertise
  • Effective Change
  • What to Do Tomorrow Morning
  • Beyond Expertise


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