Friday, 26 March 2010

Creating a nice email signature with WiseStamp

Some days ago, one of my clients asked me for changing the email signature adding some images and links. The best difficulty here is that most of the email clients only allow plain text signatures. Then, surfing over the net, I bumped into WiseStamp a nice extension for firefox and other web browsers. With this little complement, you can built you email signature and when you are writing your message it'll show automatically the signature you've configured into WiseStamp extension. With all this, you can set up your own signature using HTML notation, encrusting some images and links and create a nice email signature in few minutes.

Here you can see my mail signature:

As you can see, you can built nice signatures with simple HTML, getting the images you need from your server and configuring the exit links:

Once you have your design and have installed the extension, you'll see a little icon on the right at bottom. With the WiseStamp icon, you can configure the settings for you signature:
From here, you can import your HTML template in order to design better signatures. You can find a lot of examples in the sample section in WiseStamp.


  1. Many organizations rely on electronic signatures to do their business. This electronic form of signature is a pleasure to use for many business ventures as it authenticates documents that are important for the company.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment. I've been using this method for almost a year and I'm very pleased with it.