Saturday, 23 January 2010

Star professors

Today I'm gonna change subject with an "off topic" called the Star professors. The other day I saw on the Internet a little interview to the Rector of the UOC (Open Univeristy of Catalonia) where she was talking about the Star professors.
The UOC is an online university born from the knowledge society and whose mission is to provide people with lifelong learning and education. And it's also a leader and innovator in education and technology, and is a benchmark for quality in its academic work and research in e-learning based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
Here is where I'm finishing my second degree in Computer Science Engineering and I love it!. By the way, I was talking about Star professors, that is a new term for the best teachers in the world. For example those from MIT, Standford, Yale, etc. And now with the Information and technology (IT) era, we can learn from them because all the lectures from these professors are published in a place called "Academic Earth". Amazing!!, isn't it?.

Here you can see the little interview to the rector of the UOC (Imma tubella). (I'm sorry because the interview is in Catalan), but the important thing is the Academic Earth web.

Do you imagine what is taking classes from the best of the best in every subject? I've already started taking some lessons from Leonard Susskind, Eric Grimson, John Guttag, etc. I'm still in shock because I would like to take all the lectures!!.

If you love learning as I do, You will enjoy this web!.


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