Sunday, 24 January 2010

New features with VLO framework part VI

Before I start with the new features of my framework, I'm gonna say that I've put a little gadget on the right side of the blog showing the best of my pictures. Feel free to glance at them, because photography is one of many hobbies that I have. I hope you enjoy!.

Anyway, this article will show you all the new features that I've been carrying out these days, refactoring the code and doing some important changes into the structure of the platform. Now the framework is more based in Nodes, Edges and graph attributes than boxes and lines. If we take a look at the new UML diagrams, they look like this:

Node Class:
Edge Class:
Graph Class:
The new features involve the using of the zoom and the parsing algorithm to create a graph from scratch. Now with few steps we can create big graphs, format them with the force-directed algorithm layout with minimal effort. I'm still working on the inverse algorithm to export the displayed graph to a simple adjacent edge list.

Look at the sequence above, because if we try to generate this list, we'll get something like that:

Amazing, isn't it?. Here I've posted a video showing the results of the new features. First of all, I would like to say "sorry for my English". This video is the first spoken video that I've produced and isn't good enough, but I'm trying to improve myself. In this video I'm trying to explain how to build a graph using the Graph implementator and the zooming options.

I also added a print button from where we can print our diagram:

I've upload the newest version of the program to SourceForge. Feel free to test the win32 desktop application and don't hesitate to contact me if you notice any bug, or send me your graph as I will publish it here!.


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