Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Force-Directed graph layout approximation part III

Today I've released the last version of my project VLO. You can find the latest win32 desktop application with the canvas test here:
In this version I've made several changes due the bug list that I had. Now, after fixing all the little bugs that the application had, I can say that I'm very satisfied with the results. Indeed, I've changed the hierarchy of classes that I have, and I've moved all of them to a TNode and TGraph classes instead of TBox and TBoxManager. In a few weeks I'm gonna release a new application with all this algorithms (and I'm still thinking in the name of this application).

The most significant changes are the Node Properties form, Edge Properties form and the Layout form.

Node properties form:
Edge properties form:
Layout form:
With the last form properties, we can customize the behaviour of the force-directed layout algorithm replacing and changing some properties until we reach an equilibrium state. With the default parameters I've detected some oscillations and we need to play with the values until we find a correct combination. Now we can see different examples:

Here you can see the last video playing with the parameters of the algorithm. In the final version, the application will use the static part, without viewing the step by step. This video is longer than the others, but I think you'll enjoy the results!:


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